Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Pig farms have killed our communities

Dear Cree Nation;
I am writting this letter to let you know that here in the Eastern Townships, entire communities are being held ransom by powerful pig barons and their political friends (who are the chumps of the pig barons). These Pig People are those who really run the environment, the pollutors! We have seen pig farms plague our region and now my children drink water tainted by pig shit, while the pig barons become millionaires and their politician servants are re-elected. No man should financially profit above that of another, at the detrement of a childs health, but don't tell the Provincial Liberals this, profit comes first. And this is where we now stand in the Eastern Townships.

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Over the past few years we have had a number of dogs die from drinking water contaminated by pig shit and cyanobacteria (a toxic algae which thrives on pig waste). There are kidney infections, ear, nose, mouth, eye, skin and gastric problems directly linked to pig crap in water. But the provincial government doesn't want you to know about this dirty laundry, the collateral damage victims of this type of pollution. Why are we re-inventing the wheel here? It has already been proven that these sort of operations cause environmetal catastrophies. The Quebec Liberals are trying to take advantage of the Cree's lack of knowledge in this field of the environment (also keep in mind that the government will set-up their own studies and so called environmental groups, to monitor the pollution. So they become the pollutors and the policemen). The Liberals (to me the Liberals, PQ, and whoever are all the same) will take advantage of the openness and trust of your culture. They are going to use you like they used us (where education standards are not as high as that where our lawyer-politicians are educated - big city), and believe me, you don't want to take that path. We in southern have become a disposable community to our politicians drive for greed and votes - will your communities be next? I, and my supporters, would like to invite representatives of the Cree Nation, to visit my community, Philipsburg, on the shores of Missisquoi Bay (Lake Champalin). We will show you the hell we are living with and how we fear daily, this disgusting threat to our children. Be strong, and be smarter than those who would do your culture harm!